The Directory

The HRCA publishes an annual directory that lists names and contact information of members, board members, and past presidents. In addition, the Directory has valuable information about our scholarship programs, carriers, and vendors. Advertising in the Directory enables us to continue our charitable work. We encourage anyone to advertise.



The Hampton Roads Claims Association prints an annual directory and we encourage you to advertise your business by placing an ad. All of our members, as well as all of the advertisers, receive a free copy of the directory. Our members and other individuals in related fields use it as a reference guide. All ads must be “camera-ready” when you submit them.


A full-page black and white ad is $125.00

Tab pages (full color) are $175.00  

The inside rear cover is $225.00

The inside front cover is $250.00 

The rear outside cover is $300.00  


*Payments and ads are due by April 15th for May Publication*


The Board would like to thank everyone who placed ads in the directory last year and encourages everyone to support the Association this year by placing an ad in the new directory.



Please submit your ads and send your checks (made payable to HRCA) to:

HRCA P.O. Box  1914, Chesapeake, VA 23327




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